School Proposal

The Mohawk Valley Community Charter School initiative proposes to start a charter school for grades K-5 in the Utica, NY area. The tuition-free public school of choice will offer high-quality educational programs with an individualized approach.  Academic studies will be inquiry-based and integrated across the subject areas.  High impact professionals will use engaging content to motivate students to achieve at their highest potential. A smaller school environment with strong partnerhips with families and community organizations will support a safe, collaborative school culture.

A Charter School?
Charter schools are publicly funded and open to all students in New York State through a non-discriminatory admissions lottery. Each charter school is governed by a not-for-profit board of trustees which may include educators, community members and leaders from the private sector. Charter Schools have the freedom to establish their own policies, design their own educational program and manage their human and financial resources. Charter schools are held accountable through the terms of a five year performance contract for high student achievement.
News and Updates
February 15, 2014 - Letter of Intent accepted by SUNY Charter School Institute; MVCCS invited to submit full app
February 24, 2014, MVCCS Founders Group meeting, 1425 Genesee St., Utica  ALL ARE WELCOME
March 12 2014 - Full charter application due to SUNY Charter School Institute

September/October, 2014 - SUNY authorizer decides whether or not Mohawk Valley Community Charter School will open
Fall, 2015 - Potential opening date for Mohawk Valley Community Charter School


Proposed Utica Public School of Choice